Tuesday, October 30, 2012

# 87 - I Walked, I Saw, I Conquered

Last night at the Efrat Women's Health Center, we were talking about the ingredients to a healthy life.
Everyone knows he has to eat right. I don't think there's even a child today who isn't aware that an apple is better for him than candy and nosh. The question is whether he'll choose the apple.
I've been choosing a lot of apples over the past year (actually, peaches, plums, cantaloupes, bananas, and mangoes), but even with that I have found that if I don't really move it by exercising, dancing or walking, I cannot become (or one day, stay) fit.

Yes, I spend the majority of my day sitting at work in front of my computer screen. You probably do too.
So, I try to start out every morning with a walk - either on the treadmill or out in the real world.
The advantage of the treadmill is that no one determines the pace but you. You can wear what you want, and do whatever you want (listen to music, watch an old MGM musical, talk or maybe just listen on the phone).
If you walk on the street with a partner, you need a strict schedule. Folks will see you, so you'll have to look presentable and have a good come back line to comments like, "Faster, girls." "Good for you!" "What!! You walk too!", but you get to chat with a friend, hear the latest, see the sunshine, listen to the birds singing, and wave at passing cars.
I feel great after a walk - sweaty, yes, but energized, smiley, a little twinkly in my feet and bouncier.
This week at the end of one walk, I headed up a hill that at one time I would have dreaded. After another walk, I took a flight of steps that once made my blood run cold. But B"H, they were both fine; they felt regular.
I was so happy that when I got home and saw my husband coming outside, I asked him to take a picture of that moment, so that I could remind myself whenever I needed it - that I love walking and walking loves me; I must make time for walking; I feel great when I'm walking...and I walked, I saw I conquered!!

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