Sunday, February 12, 2012

# 59 - What I Ate & What I Didn't

I went to a lovely Sephardi wedding tonight. Mazel tov. The tables were stacked with food - kubeh, spicy cigariote, stuffed thises and thats, and all kinds of other Sephardi delicacies. I entered the reception and studied the smorgasbord. Everything looked yummy, but I decided that I'd stick to stuff that wouldn't make me feel sorry in the morning.
So, I decided immediately there would be stuff I'd eat, and the rest that I'd leave to the other guests. I focused in like Cam Jannsen and just about said, "Click, this I'm eating." Then, "Click, this I'm not." And it worked. No matter how long we stood around chatting, I didn't reach for the "not"s.
Maybe that's a good idea anywhere, not just at a wedding. When you open your fridge, or sit down at a table filled with delicacies, say clearly to yourself, or anyone else. "This I'm eating." "This I'm not."
Top left, what I ate.
Bottom left, what I didn't.
B"H, it worked.